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The Theysohn Group is a pioneer in the extrusion industry.


It is the only company in the world which supplies process optimized extrusion lines (PVC extrusion and Compounding) developed and manufactured on its own.

Many companies claim they can build perfect components for extrusion lines, but what about the perfect interaction of these components operating as a whole? Theysohn understands the entire extrusion process and technology, and aligns the individual components to precisely harmonize with each other.

An entire team of specialized companies is operating at two different locations in Austria and Germany to manufacture top-notch machinery and components. Theysohn counts as the world’s most important profile and pipe producers and also has leading compounding companies among its customers.

The Theysohn XTS-P series represents the latest technology for parallel twin-screw PVC. The XTS-P series meets the demand for increased production and flexibility in extrusion. A better melt quality is achieved with a 32 D long unit. The modular screw and barrel design allows for 26, 28 and 32 D plasticizing units according to customer requirements.

The twin screw conical extruders have been specially developed for the use of dry PVC and PVC pellets in the low and medium output ranges. These extruders are suitable for the production of technical profiles, fibres and window profiles. These conical extruders can also be used as co-extruders. These extruders have a very flexible productivity and have a cost advantage over parallel extruders.

The Theysohn group offers the TSK series of Co-rotating Twin-screw compounders, that with basis of extensive experience, have built and developed solutions for customers worldwide for many years.

Theysohn TSK is THE Compentence-Centre with their two distinctive technologies, firstly the standard TSK high-torque series for standard and high-torque applications, and secondly their TSK-HV (high-volume) series. This high-volume series for shear sensitive and materials and also applications with low bulk density feeds is the highest volume machine in the market with a Do/Di ration of 1.83.

Replacement screws and barrels from Theysohn increase the quality and the output of any extruder.

Theysohn has outstanding experience in the design and development of plasticizing units, which are applied to our own range of machines as well as to replacement units (cylindrical or conical) for twin-screw extruders of all types on the market.

At an early stage Theysohn Salzgitter focused on it‘s development activities on corrosion-proof plasticizing designs of barrels, liners and screws, enabling solving problems optimal and guaranteeing a long service life. The manufacturing of more than 20.000 screws and barrels – in a wide variety of sizes and versions – has led to an extensive know-how in development and manufacturing. Thus manufacturing of units designed to optimally meet the processing needs of the customer and providing the highest possible reliability and quality.