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Manufacture of plastic pipe machinery

Masfen Machinery is a company that makes manufacture of plastic pipe machinery. Company principles are manufacturing machines without compromising high quality standarts and being customer oriented.
With young, dynamic, powerful engineers, we produce standart, custom design and fully auto-mated plastic pipe machines. Our R & D department is improving the machines quality, making low cost and increasing the durability of the machines.

Open to technological innovation, in its field, offering customers a turnkey comp-lete solutions, to combine quality products with quality service.

To become one of the leading plastic ma-chinery manufacturers, by exporting its products all over the world.

We developed MASFILA as a result of intensive R & D studies on our way to produce 3D printer fila-ment. By virtue  of our intensive  work on the forming mold  which is the most sensitive and challeng-ing  point of extrusion, we have achieved  over world-standard results in special design, production efficiency, ovality-diameter  tolerances and extrusion speed. Thanks to our pressure enhancers and stabilizers we achieved the tolerance of 0.05 mm diameter and 0.05 mm ovality in MASFILA filament lines.  In our MASFILA filament extrusion lines, the same diameter and ovality tolerance are resulted  in all ABS, PLA, PET, PETG, PP, PE, PVC products that have been tried so far.